15 Best Windows 10 Themes & Visual Styles – Free Download

Windows 10’s developers preview has been out and you are allowed to upgrade your current Windows PC with this latest release of Microsoft, Windows 10 Operating System. Previously, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 were the latest OSs launched by Microsoft and with addition to this, we can now have the latest Windows 10 installed on a PC with a number of innovative features to be explored. With respect to this, there are people who already have upgraded their PCs and now looking for something even more interesting to try out. For those, 15 Best Windows 10 Themes and Visual Styles have been enlisted here to download them for free. You are allowed to download and install Windows 10 Themes for free from the list given below. Take a look, choose your favourite theme and get it installed right away! 

15 Best Windows 10 Themes & Visual Styles

1. Aurora Borealis for Windows 10

Aurora Borealis for Windows 10 1

Aurora Borealis gives you a complete stunning look with an adorable snowy environment and a unique set of trees. The theme was built for Windows 7 PCs which can be installed on a newly upgraded Windows 10 PC as well. Kindly follow the below given link and download this theme from it.

Download Aurora Borealis for Windows 10

2. Beautiful Birds for Windows 10

Beautiful Birds for Windows 10 11

As the name says, Beautiful Birds Theme packed with a number of different birds with an eye catchy colours. The theme is absolutely amazing as there are birds which you might have never seen till date packed inside the theme package. Follow the below given link and download a complete full package of Beautiful Birds theme now!

Download Beautiful Birds for Windows 10 

3. Beauty of Britain for Windows 10

Beauty of Britain for Windows 10 10

Lobe the great Britain? Bring it on your Windows 10 desktop by downloading and installing this Beauty of Britain from the following given link. A complete full package of Beauty of Britain Theme with amazingly beautiful natural wallpaper of Britain is given inside the package. Kindly follow the link and get it downloaded now!

Download Beauty of Britain for Windows 10

4. Cherry Blossoms of Japan for Windows 10

Cherry Blossoms of Japan for Windows 10 12

Cherry Blossoms of Japan offers a completely different environment to your Windows 10 PC. The theme is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. Fortunately, we can install it on a Windows 10 PC as well. You can easily download and install this theme by clicking out the following link. Click the given link once and download a full package of Cherry Blossoms of Japan theme and install it by double clicking on to the file.

Download Cherry Blossoms of Japan for Windows 10

5. Color Splash Windows 10

Color Splash Windows 10 15

Color Splash for Windows 10 offers a wide range of different splashing colors on your screen. You can easily change the entire wallpaper of this theme by right clicking on the desktop. You can even setup and customize the theme and change the timing of each wallpapers as well. Follow the below given link and get the theme installed now on your PC.

Download Color Splash Windows 10

6. Ducatti Windows 10

Ducatti Windows 10 14


Who doesn’t like to ride such a bike! Ducatti is one of the most popular bike at the present time with millions of its crazy fans globally. Ducatti theme is now available for Windows 10 which has got various hd wallpapers of Ducatti motorcycle. The theme allows you to live on your dream. Go and get it installed by following the link given below!

Download Ducatti Windows 10

7. Ferrari Theme for Windows 10

Ferrari Theme for Windows 10 2

Just like the above Ducatti theme, Ferrari Theme does offer the same user interface where you would get all the amazing Ferrari cars in different styles and colors. Grab this theme now by clicking the following link given below!

Download Ferrari Theme for Windows 10

8. GTGraphics for Windows 10

GTGraphics for Windows 10 9

GTGraphics for Windows 1o has got a unique user interface where you could see all the planets rotating in real time on your screen. The theme has got a powerful 3D graphics which looks absolutely amazing. You can get this theme from the following link easily. Just click the link and get the package downloaded from it.

Download GTGraphics for Windows 10

9. Kinect Disneyland Adventures for Windows 10

Kinect Disneyland Adventures for Windows 10 8

If you do like to hang out with Disneyland and its characters, Kinect Disneyland Adventures theme is made just for you. The theme has got a set of amazing wallpapers of the real Disneyland. Go and get it installed now!

Download Kinect Disneyland Adventures for Windows 10

10. Licorice for Windows 10

Licorice for Windows 10 4

Licorice for Windows 10 is kind of a decent theme where you can change the entire look of your PC with an adorable color. You can customize things easily from the theme and change everything according to your basic needs. Hit the link and get it downloaded now!

Download Licorice for Windows 10

11. Megamind for Windows 10

Megamind for Windows 10 13

Megamind and its characters are here to rule your Windows 10’s display by adorable structures and characters. Go and ahead and see how amazing these characters look on your desktop. Download the theme from the following link!

Download Megamind for Windows 10

12. Perspectives of Japan for Windows 10

Perspectives of Japan for Windows 10 7

Come and let explore the mind blowing things and places of Japan with the Perspectives of Japan them which is now available for Windows 10 users. Download this theme from the below given link.

Download Perspectives of Japan for Windows 10

13. Silk for Windows 10

Silk for Windows 10 6

Silk for Windows 10 has got a number of various designs to setup. You can customize the color codes and pretty much everything from within the theme to change the actual user interface of it. Follow the link given below and download it now!

Download Silk for Windows 10

14. Ubuntu Theme for Windows 10

Ubuntu Theme for Windows 10 3

If you are a big fan of using Ubuntu OS, Ubuntu for Windows 10 change your Windows PC with Ubuntu OS. You can feel the change and get the same user interface of an Ubuntu OS by using this theme. Go ahead and get it installed by following the below given link!

Download Ubuntu Theme for Windows 10

15. Vanilla for Windows 10

Vanilla for Windows 10 5

Vanilla Theme is simple and adorable. It offers a peaceful environment. If you are bored with the World and its messy things, go and spend some time along with your own self. Make sure to change your Windows 10 theme to Vanilla theme! Download it now!

Download Vanilla for Windows 10 


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