AutoRunExterminator Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10

AutoRunExterminator is a powerful light weighted tool available for Windows PCs. The software is known as one of the most essential tool for a Windows PC. The tool helps you to detect all the unwanted autoplay or autor un files from your external storage devices and remove all of them instantly. Most of the people who are using a Computers have to connect an external storage device such as a Pen drive or a CD or an external hard drive. Sometimes, the device or the PC contains viruses which is why you see some unwanted files like auto run or autoplay. AutoRunExterminator helps you to remove such viruses automatically from your device. Fortunately, AutoRunExterminator Free Download for Windows PC is here to download. More details are given below!

AutoRunExterminator for Windows PC

AutoRunExterminator is a simple yet a powerful and of course an essential tool in order to remove unwanted auto run and autoplay files from your external flash drives. The tool provides real time protection and doesn’t require any user assistance to use it effectively on a particular Windows PC. The tool is simple and works smartly on all types of Windows systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the latest Windows 10.1 operating system. It also works on old Windows OS, Windows Xp and Windows Vista.

In addition, this tool can be run from any location of your hard drive. Additionally, it runs on any workstation without installers. The tool doesn’t add any registry keys after completing the process which means you would get a complete virus free device automatically. Once you install this software, you need not to do anything in order to remove those unwanted files from your flash drive, the tool handles everything itself. Installing AutoRunExterminator is as simple as you are installing any other software on a Windows PC. We will guide you about the installation process, but before to move further, you should know some more about this software’s features first.

Following is a list of all the useful features we have compiled, you are requested to kindly check out the list and know more about this simple and light weighted software for your current Windows System. Here’s the list!

Features of AutoRunExterminator for Windows

  • Simple and light weighted tool compatible with all the Windows OSs
  • Works simply and needs no additional commands while installing it
  • No any pre installation installer needed to install it
  • Works automatically on a Windows PC
  • Detects and removes all the unwanted files having auto run and autoplay names
  • The tool doesn’t add any registry keys after completing the process

These were all the useful features available inside this small sized essential tool, AutoRunExterminator software. The tool is simply helpful one if you are more into transferring things from your PC to any other external flash drives like Pendrive or any external hard drives. Apart from this, you can even customize the tool’s working process while you turn your PC on!

In order to know about the installation process, we request you to first download the installation file of this software. Kindly follow the download button given below and get the installation file from there.

AutoRunExterminator Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10


Click the above download button once, you will get the installation file of AutoRunExterminator tool downloaded in a couple of seconds to your PC.

How to install AutoRunExterminator on a Windows PC?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download the installation file from the above mentioned download button first. You will get the installation file in a couple of seconds.

Step 2 :

Run the downloaded file and it will be initialising itself. After that, the tool creates an icon of the system tray of your Windows PC. You can instantly access the file and can make minor changes to the tool from the system tray itself.

Step 3 :

User can also schedule AutoRunExterminator software to run at Windows startup which means whenever you start your PC, the tool will automatically starts and detects all the unwanted files.

This is how you can start running this useful tool on a Windows PC. Since, it’s a very small sized tool, it doesn’t carry that much features, however it does offer the required features very well to remove the unwanted autrun and autoplay files from the device. Kindly install it now and keep your Windows PC secured!

AutoRunExterminator Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
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