Dirt Rally Full PC Game Free Download

Dirt Rally is a popular car racing game having kind of a different gameplay which you might have not experienced yet. Yes, it’s all about exploring a whole new world of racing on the most weirdest roads of the world. If you are done by playing the same simple car racing games, it’s time to experience something even more exciting with the Dirt Rally. The game has got a complete exciting gameplay to spend hours of your time, it’s addictive too. Fortunately, Dirt Rally Full PC Game is now available to download. Get to know the installation process along with all the required information of this game from here. More details are as follows!

Dirt Rally for PC 1

Dirt Rally Full PC Game offers a huge list of different locations to race on including new modes, new vehicles with all stunning and rich graphical interface to feel the real power of car racing. With this game, you can test out your own driving skills on the world’s most weirdest roads. Every single track of the game is different from the other which makes your skill even more better. Different weather conditions, new locations, changing environment, deadliest turns and what not! Everything is here to spend an exciting time ahead is here in this game.

Dirt Rally for PC 2

Additionally, Dirt Rally needs your concentration while the game is on. You just need to keep an eye on the tracks and drive carefully in order to complete the current given stage. You have to complete the entire road to proceed further with the other road to drive on, which means you will be granted to the next level of this game. The game offers 36 different and all unique stages to be explored on your favourite car from the list. You can drive in the daylight or in the night to test out your own driving skills.

Dirt Rally for PC 3

Apart from all these information, there are still many thing which you might want to know about this game. Following we have prepared a complete detailed tutorial about Dirt Rally game here. Kindly follow the below given list of all the useful features of Dirt Rally and know more about it from there.

Dirt Rally for PC 4

Features of Dirt Rally full PC Game

  • Test out your driving skills to the maximum level
  • Choose your own car to start the race
  • World’s most weirdest roads to drive on
  • A number of branded cars to choose from
  • Exciting gameplay with realistic graphics throughout the time
  • Stunning background score keeps your excitements high
  • New vehicles, new environment, new locations and new gameplay
  • Drive in different weather conditions to test out your driving skill
  • Special leaderboard to check things in real time and much more

These were all the extra ordinary features available in this extremely amazing car racing game, Dirt Rally. The game is available for almost all the top class gaming consoles. Fortunately, it is available for Windows PCs as well. If you are having a Windows PC, you can easily install it on it. Before to download the game, following are some basic system requirements to be fulfilled so that the game can easily be installed on the system. Do follow the list and complete them first.

System Requirements for Dirt Rally full PC Game

  • Runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • 4 GB RAM required to get the smoothness of the gameplay
  • Upto 35 GB of Free Space required to install the game
  • Intel Core 2 Duo and above processor with 2 GHz speed
  • 1 GB of Graphics card

These much things are needed in your system to install this game on it. After confirming everything, you can follow the download button in order to get the installation file of this game.

Dirt Rally Full PC Game Free Download


Click the above download button, downloading process will take place itself. It will take several hours to be done as the game weighs over 35 GB of size.

After getting the installation file, you need to Unzip it first. Search for the file with .exe extension and launch it up. Make sure to select the Run button when asked. Meanwhile the process, you have to fulfil all the basic requirements so that the game can easily install on the game.

In order to get started with the game, go to your desktop and click out its icon from there or you can launch the game from the Start Menu as well.

Dirt Rally Full PC Game Free Download
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