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FIFA 12, the most realistic Football simulation game for all the Football freaks out there. If you are a Football fan and love to watch Football on your Television, it’s high time to get into the playground with FIFA 12 as the game offers a complete rich full HD 3D graphical environment where you would get the best entertaining time along with your PC. The game is fully customizable and you can set up things according to your needs. FIFA 12 Full PC Game Free Download from here and get everything you need to know about this game by following the below given report. More details are as follows! 

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There are plenty of Sports games available in the tech world for various tech devices. Nowadays, most people do use a smartphone in order to get entertained with. Apart from using a smartphone, there are gamers who always keen to explore new games and their interface within the PCs. If you do like Football and looking for a game to be explored, FIFA 12 Full PC Game is the only game for you at this moment. The game has got an instant gameplay where everything looks just amazing with full 3D User Interface. You can feel the reality of this game with FIFA 12 game.

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FIFA 12 game is developed by EA Sports which is the best developers for PC games. Unlike the other Football games, in FIFA 12 you would figure out plenty of changes in the gameplay with the most advanced features to try out. EA Sports has been offering different Sports games for all the gamers where you can get the most realistic game plays for every game that you have downloaded. Talking about this particular game, FIFA 12 has all the characters of a particular team with proper moves. Meanwhile the gameplay, you can listen to the commentary as well.

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There are a huge number of people who get entertained by playing their favourite games on their respective PCs. Well, FIFA 12 full PC game offers every single thing of an ideal Football game with full gameplay of the real Football game. You can easily play the game against your chosen team. You are allowed to choose things by your own in order to start the game. Its instant gameplay offers all the real characters to start the game with. What more could you ask for? Everything is very well packed inside this FIFA 12 Football game.

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In order to know more about this game, you should check out the features of this game. We have compiled a list of all the useful features which help you to improve the gameplay of this game. Kindly have a check on to the list of its features and get to know more about this game. Here’s what you need to know about this game!

Features of FIFA 12 for PC

  • The most realistic Football Simulation game
  • A complete realistic characters as in players of this game
  • Different teams have different uniforms
  • Full 3D gameplay with rich user interface
  • New advanced features added to improve the gameplay
  • 29 licensed teams added to play the game against to
  • Over 42 national teams are there with their own uniforms
  • 5 National teams added in the newer version
  • First FIFA game available in Arabic Commentary
  • Amazingly exciting soundtracks with 29 different artists
  • You can play the game with Single Player Mode or a Multiplayer Mode
  • New impact engine feature allows players to interact with each other physically and much more

Amazed? Well, the real gameplay that you would get of this game while getting an actual hands-on of the game. FIFA 12 game has got the most simplest and addictive gameplay that you might never ever have tried till date. Its rich user interface allows you to spend more hours of your time. Yes, you’ll be addicted to this game if you do like to play or watch Football. Before we move further with the download process, there are a few basic requirements that you have to be fulfilled in order to install this game. See what things are required before installing this game on a PC.

System Requirements for FIFA 12

  • Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Upto 6 GB of Hard Disk Space
  • Intel Dual Core Processor

These much things are needed before to download and install this game on your PC. Kindly make sure that your PC has got all the above listed things.

In addition, you are here to download FIFA 12 Full PC Game for your respective PC. Just like all the previous games, we are here with the full version of this game and you can download the entire game for your PC just by hitting up the following download button just once. You are requested to follow the Download button given below and proceed further with the report.

FIFA 12 Full PC Game Free DownloadDownload-Button


In order to download FIFA 12 Full PC game for free, just click the above Download button once. Download process will itself take place. The game is of above 2 GB in size so you are requested to be connected with a proper Internet connection to handle the download process.

How to Install FIFA 12 Full PC Game on a PC?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download the entire installation package of this game first.

Step 2 :

Click on the above Download button once, download process will itself take place. It will take several hours to download the file. Basically it depends upon the speed of your Internet connection. If you are connected with high speed Internet, you can download it more faster.

Step 3 :

Unzip the downloaded file and you would see a couple of folders there. Open the folder.

Step 4 :

You would see a Setup.exe file there. Double click on that file.

Step 5 :

You would be asked to select the Run option, complete all the basic instructions carefully. Installation process will begin and the game will be installed after that.

Congratulations! FIFA 12 Full PC Game has been installed on your PC. You are allowed to start playing this game on your PC by now. Go ahead, hit the icon of FIFA 12 and start playing it right on your PC.

FIFA 12 Full PC Game Free Download
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