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GTA San Andreas is one more edition to the most popular stealth game series, Grand Theft Auto. GTA Vice City, GTA 4 and a couple of more versions are available of this popular gaming series for all the gamers out there. If you got bored or completed all the missions of the available games, its time to try out something different with the new edition, GTA San Andreas. Fortunately, the game is available for Microsoft Windows PCs and you can easily install this game on it. GTA San Andreas PC Game full Free Download from here. More details along with its installation process is given below. 

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Grand Theft Auto is known for its amazing and all realistic graphics throughout the gameplay. You are here which means you already have played one of the games of this series. Well, GTA has millions of its fanboys around the globe and they are always looking for a new edition to try out. If you are one of those fanboys, you are welcome to download the GTA San Andreas PC Game to take your entertainment to a complete new level.

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Talking about the gameplay, GTA San Andreas does serve the same gameplay like its previous versions. The main character of this edition is Tommy who’s a thief. You are playing the character of a thief in this game. Since it’s a new version, there are some changes made by the developers to the gameplay just to make the game serve even more interesting gameplay. In the previous editions, the character can only walk, run, sprint whereas in this edition, he can swim and climb also. You can pick out any vehicles from the street and can start driving it off. You’re a real thief and you can even snatch out things from the pedestrians as well.

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Tommy is working under the orders of his bosses. After completing one mission, he’ll be given the next mission to be done. This is how the game goes on! In addition to know more about this game and its gameplay, you should know some of the features of it. Following we have compiled a complete detailed list from which you can get all the interestingly useful features of this new edition, GTA San Andreas PC Game. Take a look and know more about this game!

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Features of GTA San Andreas PC Game

  • Next edition of the GTA series with many more interesting things to try out
  • Full of action packed gameplay till the last breath
  • All realistic characters with rich graphics throughout the gameplay
  • Explore the streets of the City
  • Drive any vehicle you want to from the streets
  • Two additional features added : Climbing and Swimming
  • Earn more money to become rich and popular by completing the missions
  • Buy your own property to become the Boss

These were all the extra ordinary and exciting features available inside the gameplay of this newer edition of, GTA San Andreas. The game is absolutely addictive and does offer a complete nail biting gameplay.

In order to install this game on your PC, you have to download its installation file first. But before to do so, you have to fulfil some of its basic requirements first. Following list will get you more about this requirements, follow the list and complete them first.

System Requirements for GTA San Andreas PC Game

  • Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Core 2 Duo processor with 2.4 GHz speed
  • Upto 2 GB of RAM Required
  • 10 GB of Hard Drive Space required to load the process

These much things are needed. Since the game weighs high, you have to keep at least 10 GB of free space on your PC. Once done with all these, kindly follow the below given download button and get the installation file from it.

GTA San Andreas PC Game Full Free Download


Click the above download button, downloading process will take place itself. It will take several hours to complete the entire download process. Downloading process depends upon the speed of your Internet connection.

After getting the file, Unzip the file and you will get two separate folders from it. Search for the file with .exe extension and double click on it. Select Run button, you will be instructed meanwhile the process. Soon, the game will be installed on your PC.

GTA San Andreas game has been installed successfully on your Windows PC. In order to get started with this game, click the icon of it from the desktop itself. You can even launch the game from the start menu as well.

GTA San Andreas PC Game Full Free Download
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