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Hitman Blood Money is an action game available for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows gaming consoles. The game is developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive. Hitman Blood Money is the fourth generation game of the popular Hitman games series. The game has been doing quite well with millions of downloads globally. Hitman Blood Money has a complete unique storyline with full of action meanwhile the game. If you are looking for an action packed game, Hitman Blood Money is here for you. Hitman Blood Money Full PC Game Free Download from here and know every single detail about this game from the report given below. 

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Talking about the history of this game, Hitman Games series has total three previous versions which too was quite popular and this Hitman Blood Money Full PC Game is the most recent edition of the Hitman games series. The game was released on 26th May, 2006. As you know, the world has become more advanced with the use of technology and its various gadgets, developers have tried to make some changes to this game. Yes, there are plenty of changes developers have made in this generation of Hitman game with respect to the current tech scenario. There’s a total different gameplay pushed into this newer version with a number of advanced features. You can feel all the major changes in this edition while getting a hands-on of it.

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In Hitman Blood Money full PC game, Agent 47 is the main character and you would be listening the same name throughout the gameplay by everyone. In addition to this, some basic features are common and kept into this edition as well. The gameplay is simple in which Agent 47 has lost some of the members of his agency and he is on a mission to search them out and get them back to the team. Meanwhile the path, he has to compete with the enemies and the gameplay goes on! The game is full of action with an exciting moves and other advanced tricks to try out. In the gameplay, the character will be facing and battling more powerful enemies studded with different weapons and different mindsets. You have to make them read and fall them down to get your man back from their court.

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In addition to make the game serve more interesting gameplay, you will be allowed to earn some money while searching for your team members. You can collect the money in order to buy more powerful weapons to hunt down all the creepy enemies come in your way. The graphic of Hitman Blood Money is of high quality and gives you the most realistic interface to play the game with. You can feel the reality while playing the game. You can also use satellite map in order to locate the enemy and your own place. The 47 has got an eye catchy body structure which looks all real. He can punch down and hunt down enemies and can even drag them and hide them to a place so nobody can figure out anything which is current going on nearby!

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Aren’t these things exciting enough? Well, I’m sure you want to know something even more interesting like all the other advanced games. Hitman Blood Money has got a number of exciting and all innovative features which can be used while playing the game. Following we have compiled a list of all the advanced features of this game. You are requested to follow the below given list and get to know more about this game from it.

Features of Hitman Blood Money for Windows PC

  • Exciting gameplay with full of action packed moves and environment
  • Amazingly popular game with all the awesomeness
  • 3D realistic and all rich graphical interface to play the game
  • A unique gameplay from the other three previous versions
  • Search for the members of your agency and hunt down your enemies
  • You are allowed to punch them and drag them out as well
  • Earn money while the game is on and collect it
  • Spend your money in buying more powerful weapons to help your own self while battling up with the enemies
  • Buy weapons and information with the money that you have collected
  • You can also use satellite map to locate things as well and much more

These were all the exciting features available in the gameplay of this fourth generation, Hitman Blood Money. The game is absolutely amazing and gives you the best of entertainment within your PC. Follow the list of all the basic requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to install this game on your Windows PC. If your PC doesn’t meet all the requirements given below, this game won’t be running on it. So kindly fulfil all the requirements if you already have decided to install this game on it.

System Requirements for Hitman Blood Money Game

  • Runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  • 1 GB of RAM to load the game
  • Intel Core 2 Duo and above processor would be good enough
  • 5 GB of Hard Disk space to store the files of the game

Make sure your PC has all the above things before to download the installation package of the game. After this, go ahead and follow the Download button given below. You can download the installation file of Hitman Blood Money game with just one single click from it.

Hitman Blood Money Full PC Game Free Download


Click the above Download button once, download process will take place itself. Since the game is above 4 GB in size, make sure that you are connected with high speed Internet connection. It will take several hours to get the installation files downloaded which depends upon the speed of the Internet.

After this, open the downloaded file and explore the folder. You would see a file named with setup.exe. Make sure to click on this file and you will be asked to select the Run option. Do complete all the instructions and the game will be installed on your Windows PC at the end. You can start playing the game by clicking the icon of it which would be right there on the desktop!

Hitman Blood Money Full PC Game Free Download
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