ISO to Bootable USB – Easy and All Possible Ways [Tutorial]

ISO to Bootable USB – Easy and All Possible Ways [Tutorial]: As optical drives are getting outdated and the USB storage devices like pen drives or thumb drives are coming into the picture, the need for a way to overcome and bypass the use of optical discs like DVD, CD is increasing too.

In today’s consumer electronics scene where even size and form factor of a device matters a lot, companies are removing outdated hardware like DVD readers/writers from the respective computers one by one.

What if you own a laptop that does not come with a DVD reader/writer and you need to install Windows or any other operating system on it? Or maybe you just need a bootable USB drive for something else.

Mostly bootable USB drives are used to format the PC/laptops and for installing Windows OS. They are also used to install portable version of Linux based OS that can be installed on a thumb drive and then used anywhere on any PC.

It can also be used to burn the contents of a bootable ISO onto a USB drive and then use that drive instead of the DVD or CD to install the program/OS.

In this post we will see how to create bootable USB from ISO. Without any further ado, let’s start.

ISO to Bootable USB – Easy and All Possible Ways

Creating Bootable USB for Windows installation

When it comes to creating a bootable USB for Windows, Microsoft has released their own tool for doing this task and this free tool is functional enough and you will not need any other freeware for this.

The name of this tool is Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. 

This tool will basically allow you to create a Bootable USB as well as a DVD in case you need one within the same tool. Let us see how to use this tool.

Download Windows USB/DVD Download Tool


  • After you have downloaded the set up file, just double click to run it and install it as you would install any normal program.
  • Now start the program and you should see a window pop up like the image we have embedded below.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

  • With this program you can choose an ISO image file by clicking the Browse button.
  • Now click on the Next button and on the next screen you will be asked if you want to extract the image on a USB drive or a DVD drive.
  • Here in this tutorial we are going to make a bootable USB device so choose that option.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

  • The software will look for the USB devices and you will be asked to choose the one that you want to use.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

  • Now after choosing the suitable USB device, just click the Begin copying button.
  • You will be asked if you want to erase the device. Click Erase USB device option.
  • Click Yes for any further prompts and the process will start.
  • Now the utility will format the USB device and start extracting the ISO contents onto the drive.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

  • After the process is complete, you will see a message that reads Backup completed.
  • This means the process has been completed successfully and now you can use the USB device to install Windows right with your USB device.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

Creating Bootable USB for Linux based OS installation

Creating a Bootable USB for Linux based OS is easy as well. We just need to use a different tool and follow the steps in this post to make a bootable USB with an Linux based OS ISO.

First we need to download the ISO of the Linux Distro we are going to use. In this post we are going to show the procedure using Ubuntu ISO but the process will be the same for any other Linux Distro as well. You can download the Ubuntu ISO from the Get Ubuntu page.

Download the suitable ISO and proceed further.

Tools we need

So to complete the procedure, we will be needing a utility named Universal USB Installer. 

Download Universal USB Installer

This is a very small download and does not require any installation.

Procedure to create Live Linux USB Drive

  • Just double click the exe file that you downloaded and it will as for Administrator access. Just click Yes and move to the next step.
  • Now you will see a licence agreement. Read it if you want to and click I Agree. 😉

Universal USB Installer

  • On the next window you will be asked to choose the Linux distro we are working with.
  • We have downloaded Ubuntu so we are going to choose Ubuntu.
  • Now choose the ISO you downloaded or you also have the option to download the ISO from the program itself.
  • Since we have downloaded the ISO, we are going to choose it.

Universal USB Installer

  • Choose the USB drive and ignore the persistent file size. We don’t need it.

Universal USB Installer

  • Now click the Create button and you will see one more prompt.
  • Just click YES and move to the next step.

Universal USB Installer

  • Now let the utility complete the process and wait patiently.

Universal USB Installer

  • After the process is complete, you will see this screen.

Universal USB Installer

This is it. You have successfully created a bootable USB for the Linux distro you downloaded.

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So, this was a small post in which we showed how you can easily create bootable USB devices for both Windows as well as Linux based OS.

Other methods use the same principle but different tools so mentioning them won’t do any good.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section below.

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