Project IGI 1 PC Game Free Download (Full Version)

Project IGI 1, one of the most addictive action packed shooting game is now available for your Windows PC. If you are a gamer and looking for an exciting game to be explored within, Project IGI 1 is all here for you. Yes, you can get the full version of this game downloaded for your Windows PC. The game has got all the awesomeness to get you the best of gaming experience within your Windows PC. What more could you ask for? Everything is there to get you entertained and spending out a gold time within your PC with Project IGI 1. Additionally, Project IGI 1 PC Game Free Download from here and learn how you can get it installed on your current Windows PC by following the given steps.

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Technology has changed everything and it does affects an individual’s life. Technology gives you the power to meet the World and explore various things on a PC. You can explore the whole world for various needs of yours. No matter what kind of a person you are and what kind of a profession you are working with, Computers and smartphones are there to get things done instantly. With an appropriate PC, you can get pretty much all of your routine things done. Apart from profession, there are people who get entertained within such technology gadgets by watching Movies, Playing games, listening to music and a lot of others.

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If you are a gamer and want something new to boost up your gaming experience, Project IGI 1 is here for you. Talking more about this game, the game is available for free and you are allowed to get it installed on your respective Windows PC. It’s a shooting game where you can change and try out different weapons according to your needs. You can instantly load your weapons and change the entire functions of them. Project IGI 1 has various levels to be explored within a PC and you can try all of them out one by one.

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Project IGI 1 PC Game has got numerous advanced features to get you the best of gaming and for the very same reason, people do like to play this game a lot. The game has millions of its users globally and they love to spend their free time by playing it on their respective Windows PC. I’m sure, you are already done with everything and you are eagerly waiting to grab this game out. Well, before to go ahead with anything, you should know about that particular thing well. Following we have prepared a list of all the useful and of course the most advanced features of Project IGI 1 game. Here’s the list of its features!

Features of Project IGI 1 for Windows

  • Addictive game compatible with almost all types of Windows OSs
  • Light weight app works on all the PCs well
  • Simple user interface with an eye catchy user interface
  • Amazingly adorable graphics throughout the gameplay
  • Customizable gameplay to change the weapons and its functionality
  • Choose your weapon and hunt down the enemies quickly and many more

These were all the exciting features to be explored within this game. I’m sure you liked the entire gameplay of this game and want to get it installed right away. You are just a step away to get this game downloaded. Just follow the link mentioned below and get the game downloaded on your desktop now!

Project IGI 1 PC Game Free Download (Full Version)


In order to download Project IGI 1 PC Game for your respective Windows PC, you just need to follow the above download button for once. Download process will instantly take place. It will take a couple of hours to be done, wait until the process gets done successfully. Download process depends upon the speed of your Internet connection. After a while, you will get the Zip file of Project IGI 1 game downloaded on your desktop.

Project IGI 1 System Requirements

  • Operating System :-Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Pc Processor :- 733 MHz
  • RAM :- 256 MB
  • HDD :- 500 MB
  • Graphics :- 32 MB

How to Install Project IGI 1 Game on Windows PC?

Step 1 :

First thing you need to do is download Project IGI 1 PC Game from the above mentioned Download button. Do follow the above given instructions and get the installation file of this game downloaded on your PC. It will take a couple of hours or more to be done. Have some patience until it gets done!

Step 2 :

Now, Extract the downloaded Zip file of Project IGI 1 game which is downloaded from the above Download button.

Step 3 :

Once the files gets extracted, you will see the Setup file inside the folder.

Step 4 :

Double click on Setup.exe file from the extracted folder.

Step 5 :

After this, run the IGI.exe file and select the Run button when asked.

It will take a few seconds to be done. The game has been installed successfully on your respective Windows PC. In order to start the game, you just need to click on to the game’s icon which would be right there on the desktop. Yes, Project IGI 1’s icon will be right there on the desktop and you can start the game by hitting the icon.

If you want to make changes to the current functionality of this game, you can make changes to the entire game by visiting the settings option given there. In order to get a quick start of this game, you just need to hit the Start option given on the homepage of this game. It works smoothly and you can start enjoying it right away!

What’s your take on this game? Have you ever played it before? Do share your experiences playing this game on a PC. You can put your views and opinions as well in front of us. We would like to hear from you this time. Meanwhile, if you have any queries or questions to be asked, feel free to let us know. Do comment below the post into the comment section with your query or questions. We would definitely try to make them solved in no time. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed, stay tuned for more such useful games and software updates for your PCs.

Project IGI 1 PC Game Free Download (Full Version)
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