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Quake 3 full PC Game is also known as Q3A or Q3. The original name of this game is Quake 3 Arena, however people do like to call it as Quake 3 which looks sufficient enough. Quake 3 is a first person shooter game which is based on multiplaying mode. Quake 3 is a third edition of the series and has completely different gameplay. Unlike its previous version, in Quake 3 there’s no single player mode available. You have to play the game in a multiplayer mode only. If you do like to play such shooting games, Quake 3 Full PC Game free download from here and know how you can install it on your Windows PC from the below given report as well.¬†

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Of course you can play the game as a single player mode, but the player against you would be the Computer itself. Means there’ll be a PC character playing against you so ultimately it’s a multiplayer mode. Quake 3 game is quite popular over the globe with its amazing graphics throughout the gameplay. And its Shooting based user interface adds up more spice to its gameplay.

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In addition to this, Quake 3 has a set of notable features inside the gameplay.¬†extensive customizability of player settings including the filed of view,¬†texture detail and enemy model. With this, you can also customize the way character is performing in the game. It’s jumping, punching and all the moves can be customized easily within the gameplay. In order to do so, you have to open the Settings option from the main menu of this game.

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Quake 3 Full PC Game offers a complete fun and engaging gameplay to spend hours of your time easily. You can easily get entertained by playing the game within your PC as it has kind of an interesting gameplay. The game is available for a number of different platforms and different gaming consoles as well. Some player like its engaging gameplay while the other like the multiplayer mode. Some like its decent gameplay while the other like its different characters and their dressings.

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Quake 3 Full PC game carries a storyline gameplay where the greatest warriors of all time fight for the amusement of a race called the Vadrigar in the Arena Eternal. In addition to this, you can use a number of power ups and can discover the hidden treasures as well. As the game progresses, the competitive will be more powerful and you have to fight hard in order to move further with the game and its storyline. The gameplay is quite approaching to play it for some more time and completing the storyline. There are various modes in the gameplay to try out known as Maps with a set of players. To make the gameplay even more interesting, each character has some unique weapons while battling up with the other character. The weapons too can be upgraded once you start getting progressed in the gameplay. In simple words, the gameplay is quite decent and you would definitely going to like it even if you don’t have any skills of playing such games.

In order to know even more about this game, or if you just want the overview of the gameplay and its functionality, we have compiled a complete detailed list carrying all the useful features of this game. Following is the list of its features which will let you know more about this game including the gameplay and all the other things that you might want to know about this game. Kindly follow the list and get what you want about this popular shooting game, Quake 3. Here’s the list!

Features of Quake 3 Full PC Game

  • Multiplayer first person shooting game
  • Available for various platforms and for various gaming consoles
  • Impressive gameplay with all decent user interface
  • Different characters to play the game in various mode
  • A number of different game modes available as maps to lead the game
  • Storyline gameplay with numerous mysterious treasures to discover
  • Advanced weapons to try out while the game is on
  • Upgrade yourself by hunting down the target and move with the story ahead
  • As the game progress you will get even more power-ups to try out
  • Separate leaderboard showing you your activities in real time and much more

These were all the exciting features available in the gameplay of this game, Quake 3 full PC game. The game is available for free and you can easily download the installation file of Quake 3 Full PC game for your Windows PC from here. But before to go with the download process, there are some basic system requirements you have to fulfil in order to install the game on your system. Following list of its prerequisites get you more information about it.

System Requirements for Quake 3 full PC Game

  • Runs on Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • 512 MB of RAM required
  • Upto 1 GB of free Space Required
  • Dual Core and above processor with 2 GHz speed

These much things are needed if you want to install this game on your Windows PC. Everything should be there on your PC as its all normal things which come within the PC itself. After confirming everything, go ahead and follow the below given download button to get the installation file of this game.

Quake 3 Full PC Game Free Download


Click the above download button once, download process will itself take place. It will take several minutes to complete the entire download process. Downloading process depends upon the speed of your Internet connection.

After this, you have to Unzip the downloaded installation file. You would see two different folders there. Open the first folder and make sure to double click on the file having .exe extension. You’d be asked to select the Install button. Meanwhile the process, you have to fulfil some basic instructions. Do as directed and soon the game will be installed on your PC.

In order to get started with Quake 3 game, you just need to click the icon of this game from your desktop. You can even launch the game from the Start Menu of your PC.

Quake 3 Full PC Game Free Download
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