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Re-Volt is a radio control car racing game studded with all the awesomeness of an ideal car racing game. The game is available for all types of major gaming consoles including the Windows PCs. Re-Volt Full PC Game carries a decent gameplay where you would be allowed to pick your own favourite car to race on. Fortunately, Re-Volt full PC Game free Download is now available and you can install this game easily on your Windows PC by following the report given below. More details along with the installation process is given below. Kindly follow it and know everything about Re-Volt game.

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Racing is the most popular category most of the gamers do like to hang in with. No matter what kind of a person you are, you would definitely like to play a Racing game. Racing games too has plenty of choices to make and most of the people get confused when it comes to choose a new Racing game to be played within a Smartphone or PC. Well, as soon as you here, you don’t need to be confused at all. Re-Volt is the game to fulfil your gaming lust instantly.

People are always looking for something new to try on their respective smartphones, Laptops and PCs. Talking about the current scenario, pretty much everybody is connected with an advanced technology device. Talking about PCs, Microsoft’s Windows is the most popular PC system available in the world with Millions of its users. We can easily get the required app or game or software for a Windows PC. Windows PC are easy to use and works everywhere in all the firms. Re-Volt game is compatible with almost all the Windows PCs. You would get to know about the Versions on which this game can be installed.

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Re-Volt game offers the simplest gameplay in which you would see different locations while racing. You are allowed to choose your car in order to start the race. You would be provided a separate leaderboard to see the score in real time. The game has got all the awesomeness with which you can easily get entertained. The game serves kind of an addictive gameplay with all the simplicity. You won’t find out any unwanted and rich graphics, all the simple graphics with decent cars are here in the gameplay of Re-Volt.

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The PC version of Re-Volt full PC Game has 28 different featured stock cars with over 14 tracks. A stunt arena for free roaming is the best track you need to try out after installing the game on your PC. Electric, glow and special, these three types of fuel variants are there in the gameplay to choose from. Tracks are available depending upon the capabilities of the vehicles. Easy, medium, hard and extreme categories are there to choose the racing track. You can choose the track according to your own capabilities of driving and racing the cars. Single race allows 2-12 players in the single players mode. In between the race, there are plenty of hidden things come across, you have to collect them all to improve your power and leaderboard simultaneously.

You must be wondering to know even more about this game and its functionality. Well, in order to know more about this game, you have to check out some of the very interesting and useful features of this game. Following we have compiled a list of all the advanced features of this game. Kindly check out the list given below and know more about this popular racing game, Re-Volt.

Features of Re-Volt full PC Game

  • Advanced gaming functionality with a simple graphical interface
  • Impressive colour combination throughout the gameplay
  • 28 featured stock cars are there to choose from
  • Race on the 14 different tracks with multiple modes
  • Play it either with single player or multiplayer mode
  • Easy, medium, hard, extreme tracks to choose the track according to your capabilities
  • Find out and collect hidden items from the track to improve your power to become more advanced
  • Separate real time leaderboard to see your current score and much more

These were all the incredibly amazing and all useful features available in this popular racing game, Re-Volt. The game is available not only for Windows PCs but all the major gaming consoles lie playstation and all. The game has got everything getting entertained with. I’m sure, you are all ready to install and get started with the game on your PC. But before to move anywhere, you have to fulfil some of the basic requirements of this game. Kindly follow the list given below and then you can download the installation file of Re-Volt game.

System Requirements of Re-Volt Full PC Game

  • Runs on Windows 98, XP, Windows 7
  • Pentium 3 and above processor to load the game
  • 64 MB of RAM required
  • 250 MB of Memory Space is needed

These much things are needed as a prerequisites in order to install this game. In other words, all the PCs do have such simple system and with a clear way, you can easily install this game on your Windows PC and start a whole new racing journey with the Re-Volt game. You are requested to follow the below Download button in order to download the installation file of this game.

Re-Volt Full PC Game Free Download


Click the above download button once, download process will itself take place. It will take a couple of hours to complete the entire download process. This process depends upon the speed of your Internet connection, make sure you are connected with a good internet connection before to move with the download process. It will take more time if there’s a low speed Internet connection, nothing’s gonna be changed anyway.

After completing the process, Unzip the downloaded file and open the folder. Double click on to the Setup.exe file which is actually the main file to be installed on the PC. Meanwhile the installation process, you would be asked to fulfil some basic instructions, kindly complete all the instructions well and soon the game will be installed on the PC. You can start playing it by clicking the icon of it from the desktop itself.

Re-Volt Full PC Game Free Download
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