Skype Offline Installer Free Download (Full Setup)

Skype is a freeware software for Video Calling. Till date, Skype is known as the best Video Calling software which is available for almost all types of technology platforms and their various devices. If you are using Internet for quite a long time, you might aware about Yahoo Messenger and its functionality. Yahoo was the only software with which you can chat unlimitedly with your friends and can make video calls within it. Talking about the current era, Skype took the first position in this Video Calling category. Skype Offline Installer Free Download from here with its full setup for Windows and Mac. Following report will get you more information about it. 

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Skype Offline Installer Free Download

Skype is available for everyone and for all the devices. The only thing it requires is a proper Internet connection to make fluent Video calls globally. Skype doesn’t ask you for any types of additional charges in order to make Video Calls and Chatting. Additionally, you can make Voice calls as well within this software which is chargeable. Skype charges nominally if you are about to make Voice calls within this app. You can make voice calls to any landline number within the app on the go. So, if you want to download Skype Offline installer, then keep on reading this tutorial to enjoy all the features of this excellent text and video calling software.

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Skype is much known as the best independent messenger app for various smartphones platforms and for PC platforms as well. Currently, Skype Messenger is available for Windows, Mac, Linux PC operating systems and Android, iOS, Symbian and Java enabled devices. I’m sure you are using one of these devices at this present moment. Skype has Millions of regular users who are making use of this app on a regular base. If you haven’t heard about this app before, you can get all the required information about this app from here. Following list of its features will get you more about this app and its functionality. Go ahead and download Skype Offline Installer from below.

Features of Skype for Windows and Mac

  • Call anyone on Skype for free within this app anywhere in the World
  • Call to landlines and Mobiles at very cheap rates
  • User can add upto 25 people on one single voice calls within this app for group calling
  • User can connect with you with a proper Skype number
  • Forward calls from Skype to any other number
  • Personal caller ID of your own to let the people know about you while making a call
  • One to one video calls with full HD quality
  • Get a group of friends into one group to make free group video call
  • Send video messages to your friends easily
  • Instant Messaging for unlimited time to unlimited devices
  • Explore the world of emojis to express what you feel without using any words
  • Receive voice messages when you are out of reach
  • Share messages, photos, current location and much more in one single group
  • Share big files such as videos, documents and much more instantly
  • Share your computer screen with the people whom you are talking with
  • Share a contact number, profile easily
  • Send messages instantly to your Facebook friends
  • Skype manager allows you to manage your accounts, profiles and much more from one single page

I’m sure you haven’t heard many of its upgraded features which are enlisted in the above given list of its features. Yes, the upgraded version of Skype has included all the above mentioned features to it. Skype is mostly used by PC users, however many of the smartphones users too have started using this app in order to get connected with their loved ones. Skype for Smartphones give you the best experience of making video calls on the go. It works smoothly and you can make video calls easily like you do from a PC within Skype app for mobiles.

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Enough of Skype and its functionality. You might eagerly want to get the Skype Offline Installer now. Well, in order to do that, you are requested to follow the below given download buttons which would help you to download the offline full setup of Skype for your respective PC.

Skype Offline Installer Free Download for Windows


Skype Offline Installer Free Download for Mac


There are a number of different ways to get Skype app downloaded on your respective PCs. However, in order to download Skype Offline Installer, you have to follow some legal ways. If you are using a Windows PC, you need to hit the first Download button. Same for Mac, you need to click out the second Download button.

Download the above given proper buttons according to your PC’s operating system. Download process will itself takes place. It will take several minutes to complete the entire download process.

How to Install Skype Offline Installer on Windows PC?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper offline Installer of Skype for your Windows PC. You are requested to follow the above Download button.

Step 2 :

Click the Download button and you will get the Installation file of Skype Offline Installer downloaded on your desktop.

Step 3 :

Run the installation file of Skype with .exe extension by double clicking on it.

Step 4 :

You’ll be asked whether to Install this file or not. Make sure to hit the Run button. Follow the basic instructions and Skype app will be installed on your Windows PC.

How to Install Skype Offline Installer on Mac?

Step 1 :

Make sure to download a proper Offline Installer of Skype for your Mac system. Follow the above mentioned Download button.

Step 2 :

Soon you will get the Installation file of Skype Offline Installer downloaded on your desktop.

Step 3 :

Double click on the downloaded Installation file of Skype Offline Installer and it will show you two icons. Just drag the Skype icon into your Applications folder by using your mouse.

Step 4 :

You’ll be asked to follow some basic instructions. Make sure to complete all the instructions well and you’ll be done with the installation process of Skype Offline Installer on your Mac system easily.

This is how you can easily download and install Skype Offline Installer on your respective Windows and Mac system.


If you have anything to ask regarding the software, kindly let us know. We’d definitely help you out with proper solutions. Also, if any download link is not working, or an inappropriate software or app has been published on any download page of our site, don’t hesitate to contact us and report your problem. Till the next time, stay tuned with us for more such useful software and apps updates!

Updated on: 26th May, 2015.

Skype Offline Installer Free Download (Full Setup)
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