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The Sims is a series of games where you have to take control of a family and the lives of the members. You have to manage everything including their routines in the games of The Sims. Recently we have updated the second edition of it with The Sims 2 which goes very popular. Today we bring you one more edition of the series with The Sims 4. The game has improved graphics and advanced lifestyle. Fortunately, The Sims 4 Full PC Game is now available here. Download and learn how you can install it on a respective Windows PC by following the report given below. Here’s a complete report from where you can get all the useful information about this game. 

The Sims 4 Full PC Game 1

The Sims 4 has plenty of advanced features compare to the previous versions. The Sims 4 Full PC Game is developed by EA Maxis with the Sims studio. The game is a single player multi task game which means you have to do a number of tasks alone. It’s you who are taking control of an entire family, for that single reason you have to do numerous tasks of the family members. Now you can play a complete decent life lie you never before with the latest edition of The Sims series, The Sims 4.

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The Sims 4 allows you to take control of a family and the lives of each of the member of that family including their routine activities and current relationships. The Sims can change their moods according to the gameplay and you have to control their odd behaviours as well. According to the gameplay, if you order a Sim to perform a task when he’s angry, he will do the task very aggressively which means the Sims can actually understand the tasks that you’ve given to them and can respond on it perfectly. Starting from birth to the last breathes, you have all the rights to control the Sims which makes you a good gentleman at the end of the game.

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In order to know more about this game, you should know some useful features of the game first. Following we have prepared a detailed list of all the stunning features of this game here. You are requested to kindly follow the list and know more about this latest edition of The Sims family, The Sims 4. Here’s the list!

The fourth edition of Maxis' successful life-simulating game "The Sims" will include more expressive versions of the virtual people whose lives players can manipulate.

The fourth edition of Maxis’ successful life-simulating game “The Sims” will include more expressive versions of the virtual people whose lives players can manipulate.

Features of The Sims 4 full PC Game

  • Exciting casual game with a single player mode
  • Perform various tasks alone to become a master of the family
  • All realistic and stunning graphics throughout the gameplay
  • Different characters to hang out with
  • Every single thing of a perfect home is available in the gameplay
  • User can create and take control of their Sims
  • Ask them to perform the tasks and they will respond you according to their mood
  • Your personal leaderboard to see the current activities and much more

These were all the exciting features available in the gameplay of this latest edition, The Sims 4. Before to download its installation process, you have to complete a few simple requirements of the game so that it can be easily installed on the PC. Follow the below given list of its requirements first.

System Requirements for The Sims 4 full PC Game

  • Runs on Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
  • 2 GB of RAM Required
  • 9 GB of Hard Disk Drive required
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or above processor to run the game

These much things are needed in order to install The Sims 4 Full PC Game on a respective Windows PC. After confirming everything, you can download the game by following the below given download button.

The Sims 4 Full PC Game Free Download


Click out the above download button once, downloading process will take place itself. It will take several minutes to complete the entire downloading process. Soon, you will get the installation file of The Sims 4.

After this, Unzip the installation file which is downloaded recently. Search for the file with .exe extension. Click it out and select the Run button when asked. Installation process will begin itself. Meanwhile the process, you will be asked to fulfil some basic instructions. After a while, the game will be installed successfully on your PC.

In order to start playing this game on your PC, you just need to launch it by double clicking on its icon from the desktop. You can even launch the game from the Start Menu as well. Start it off now!

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The Sims 4 Full PC Game Free Download
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