Top 10 Best Linux Distros You Can Try in 2015

Top 10 Best Linux Distros You Can Try in 2015: Many people think Linux is a full fledged OS in its own natural form. Well, it is not.

It’s a kernel which was developed by Linus Torvalds as a college project and even in his wildest of dreams he must have not dreamt of Linux being a big name in the Open Source Community. If you don’t know what a kernel actually is, then think of it like a core. Like Earth’s core. It supports the upper layers.

In the same way Linux kernel is a core to many amazing Linux Distros that exist today. When we say Linux Distro, we mean operating systems that use Linux as their kernel.

Now since Linux is open source, there are a lot of operating systems which fall into this category so in this post I will post I am going to list Top 10 Best Linux Distros You Can Try in 2015.



Ubuntu is undoubtedly the most famous Linux distro out there. In fact for a lot of end users who are not familiar with Linux, they think Linux ultimately means Ubuntu. 😀

Of course it is not true. Ubuntu uses the Linux kernel as its core and it is developed by Canonical. The word Ubuntu originates from South Africa and it means a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint

Mint as a distro is basically built on TOP OF Ubuntu itself. People love and use Mint over Ubuntu because it comes included with all media codecs and some other programs that Ubuntu doesn’t include in its vanilla form. The look and feel of Mint is also different as the desktop that you will find here will either be Cinnamon or MATE.

Mint also leaves it upto you if you want to update it or not. It won’t force you to install several updates so if you have a system that just works well in the way it is, you have the option to update it’s software components or just leave it as it is.



Debian project is running since 1993 which is almost over 20 plus years. The Debian OS consists of free and open source software and it is one of the most respected and active Linux projects till date. Despite of the fact that it has many contributors, it is still a very slow paced project and that is why the updates to this OS come out very slowly. But it doesn’t mean it is a weak OS or anything.

It is sturdy and works really well.



Fedora is also one of the most active Linux projects and it is sponsored by Red Hat which is a known organization in Linux space. Fedora basically focuses on free software so you might have a hard time in installing graphics drivers on your installation. But there are some third party repos available that you can use.

Fedora uses GNOME as it’s desktop environment so you will find the look to be different from Ubuntu or Mint.


elementary os


ElementaryOS is dubbed as one of the most beautiful iterations of a Linux distro available.

It is an Ubuntu based distro and it puts simplicity and user interface above all in the OS. You get a bunch of everyday use apps like a music player, email client, basic text editor etc. You can get more programs from their store.

ElementaryOS has its own desktop environment which is known as Pantheon and it gives the user a look that tries to imitate Mac OS X.

It is also very low on system resources so it’s a good choice for an older PC.

Manjaro Linux

manjaro os

Manjaro Linux is based on Arch Linux and presents itself as one of the most user friendly OS. It is very easy to install it and maintain it. The desktop environment that they use is XFCE by default but you also have options to get KDE, GNOME or Cinnamon.

Manjaro also detects hardware automatically and checks for driver support from its own repositories. Manjaro is the distro you are looking for if you want to have the most update distro on your system.



Korora is a project that is based on Fedora but it comes with all the multimedia codes included and also all the third party repos integrated right inside it so a new user can use it without any hitch.

You can choose from many of the desktop enviornment options that you get with Korora. These options include GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, MATE and XFCE. They all look beautiful with beautiful icons and a simplistic desktop layout.

It comes with programs like Firefox, VLC, Google Chrome and Dropbox integrated with itself by default.



This distro is a rather new player in the Linux distro scene but it is being appreciated by the users. It is based on Ubuntu and comes with LXDE as the desktop environment. It looks very similar to Mac OS X and this is something many of its users like about this distro. It comes bundled with extra programs that are used on an OS like text editors, email and IM clients to multimedia tools, file viewers and system utilities etc.

It is optimized to run on low system resources so you can run it on older systems too.



This Linux distro was started back in 2010 and comes in two versions:

  • Standard – Based on Ubuntu
  • Rolling – Based on Manjaro Linux

This version comes with KDE loaded onto it and some other useful pre-installed programs like Firefox, Steam, GIMP and also native KDE apps like Dolphin (file manager), Calligra (office suite) and Kate (text editor).

It comes with some good looking themes and optimizations that make the OS amazing to run even on low system resources.



Last but not the least we have Mageia which is based on Mandriva Linux and it was created back in 2010. It includes many desktop environments like KDE, GNOME, LXDE, XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon and RazorQt and you can install it from the repositories as well.

Mageia is a great choice if you want to try something different other than the distros that are based on Ubuntu.


Top 10 Best Linux Distros You Can Try in 2015
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