Top 10 Best Torrent Clients for Windows (BitTorrent Software)

Top 10 Best Torrent Clients for Windows: BitTorrent is one of the oldest file sharing protocols with about 12 years since its inception, it is used widely and people love it as it is fast and more reliable than direct downloads.

When we talk about Torrents, we mainly think about pirated movies, apps, software or other illegal stuff. But there is more to torrent than that.

Torrent is a legitimate peer to peer file sharing protocol that depends on peers for the transfer of data over the network. The download speed a user gets depends on how fast the seeder is uploading.

Torrent is used by many big names like Ubuntu, XDA-developers etc. to provide easy downloads to users.

In this post we will talk about Top 10 Best Torrent Clients for Windows operating system.

Keep in mind that we are not ranking the software and apps that we are mentioning here.

Top 10 Best Torrent Clients for Windows (BitTorrent Software)



uTorrent is one of the best torrent clients which comes with great features which makes it convenient for the user to deal with the client at an ease. Unlike many other torrent clients, uTorrent load fast and has a good download speed, with less consumption of your main memory (RAM). It comes with hundreds of skins which you can use to customize the client installed in your local machine. It also web access, which allows a uTorrent user to remotely access uTorrent and manage the Torrent downloads and on top of all it’s Trusted and has a very simple user interface which makes it very easy to use.



BitTorent is another great Torrent Download client which allows people to download torrent files, It works smooth on most of the systems with Good configuration. The Bittorent unlike uTorrent isn’t light on RAM, It consumes more RAM but, it also promises Good torrent speed, Though the speed to download depends on the Torrent you are downloading and the Internet bandwidth, But the client also matters a lot when it comes to disk writing speed and downloading speed, Bittorrent is recommended for someone with a great system configuration and who deals with lot torrent files.


Vuze Torrent Client

The Vuze is not a old-but a sober Torrent client which comes in Two-Different products, One client is named : “Leap” and the other one is named as “Vuze” Itself. The Leap is light on RAM and is similar to uTorrent, so it can handle good amount of torrents and bandwidth if you are having a low-end/system with less resources. On the other hand, there is “Vuze” which is powerful and comes with a lot of features encompassed in it, which makes torrent files downloading quick and easy.

Free download manager

Free Download Manager

Free download manager is another great download client, This client not only deals with Torrent files but is also capable of downloading files of different extensions, be it .mp3, mp4 or any other format. Additionally this client also allows downloading of Torrent files and is very handy and quick to use, It also accelerates the speed, to make downloads faster than they are.

Deluge Torrent

Deluge Torrent Client

Deluge is another lightweight free cross platform Bittorrent client, It’s very lightweight and doesn’t uses much of the main memory while downloading torrents, This torrent client also has a good security and supports Full Encryption which would take care in case some unwanted files are downloaded. It has a very clean UI, and also supports Plugins which makes downloading torrents even faster than we are able to find these days.



We’ve already gone through many torrent clients above and having them works perfect, but it doesn’t mean the rest from the list should be excluded. The Transmission-QT is an ongoing project with some corrections, There are a lot of changes made internally to make it work smoothly without disturbing the preferences of the user. It is said that this project will disappear in case Transmission get’s its own Windows Support.


qBittorrent Torrent Client

We’ve already listed the best one’s on the top but there are many chances that one may not like one for some or another reason, the QBittorent is a great free P2p Bittorrent client which helps in Downloading of Torrent files. It has a very good support and supports the older windows system also. Hence’ if you are someone with a system with a very old version of Windows be it Windows 95, Then also you can download this and enjoy.


BitLord Torrent Client

BitLord is also one of the most used torrent client and has been around from quite some time. It is based on the Deluge Torrent Client but it has its own array of features.

It takes pride in features like in program searching, arranging downloads in a manner which will be easy for you to manage and much more. This is one of the must try torrent clients.



BitComet is a BitTorrent/FTP/HTTP Download manager which manages all the files which you’ve downloaded, It’s very fast and consumes very less amount of RAM, It comes with a very clean UI, which makes it easy to use and the site boasts that it can accelerate the downloading speed up to 5-10 times faster than the normal speed.


Tixati Torrent

Last but not the least, we have Tixati.

Tixati is also a peer to peer file sharing application which uses BitTorrent protocol in order to make file sharing possible. There are some great features that come bundled with Tixati and you get features like Peer encryption for added security, peer choking and unchoking algorithms will make sure you get the best download speed and many more great features!

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So this was a brief post in which we mentioned and talked about Top 10 Best Torrent Clients for Windows. We will be writing another post to enlist some great torrent clients for Mac OS X as well.

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